Booking Caravan Campsites With Pitch Up

Pitch Up

This isn’t a sponsored post and I haven’t been asked to write it. I used their website to book several caravan sites this summer and was really impressed with how easy it was. We travelled to Europe with our caravan for a couple of weeks this summer. When searching on google many sites in Belgium and the Netherlands where we were looking did not have English translations. Some of those sites were on Pitch Up.

What Is Pitch Up?

I found the website through a google sponsored ad, you know the ones that appear at the top of a page. You can book tent or caravan pitches and holiday homes, like static caravans or lodges at 3,737 locations. We were taking our caravan so I only looked at and booked caravan pitches.

I was booking for three countries: Belgium, Netherlands and France.

The Booking Process

It is very simple; you can specify when, who is going and what you need. The website can be used in an incredible 25 languages and you can pay through your currency. You either pay a deposit and the rest is paid on arrival or some campsites ask for full payment up front. Two of my bookings were a 15% deposit and the third was full payment. Read the small print! One campsite was cash only and no cards – you could find yourself needing to hot foot it to a cash point.

The Choice

My favourite part was the number of campsites to choose from. Even though I spent a very long time on google I eventually booked three out of four sites on Pitch Up. To only see campsites with facilities you want use the filter. If you’re desperate for a swimming pool or to be close to the beach it is no good seeing in-land campsites.

Did I Have Any Problems?

Nope not one. No lost bookings. No weird amount I wasn’t expecting to pay. Pitch Up also told me what languages were spoken at the campsite, I don’t speak Dutch, so for both Belgium and Netherlands I chose sites that were English speaking. The staff were happy to speak English to me, as one Netherlands camper told us the Germans haven’t bothered to learn Dutch either lol.

I will definitely be booking through Pitch Up again, especially for European sites. If you don’t have time to dedicate to internet searching then make your first stop Pitch Up. I hope this post has been useful to you. We love our caravan holidays!