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Mum Dates

I have assumed that most #blogtober day 4 posts will be about date nights so I’m doing something different! I have three children. The youngest is only six months old. I’ve been very aware that the older two are sometimes sidelined by him, baby’s take a lot of time up! To try and counter this I’ve been doing the odd Mum Dates with my older children on their own. Just half an hour here and there. You don’t have to plan anything special or spend money it’s about doing something you both enjoy. Or as is sometimes the case, gritting your teeth through something they enjoy.

Here are my suggestions for Mum Date ideas for you and your children. Don’t put pressure on yourself by aiming to do this too often. Life is hard enough as it is without guilting yourself with something else.

Colouring and activity sheets for Mum Dates

Indoor Kid Date Suggestions

  • Tea and cake. Always a winner. In the house or in a cafe it doesn’t matter. This can be as cheap or expensive as you like. Both of my children love going to our local tea room so I tend to do that. It means we get out of the house away from things that distract me from the date.
  • Art and craft. This is usually my daughter’s choice. A rainbow was made Saturday morning at our regular craft date while Boy1 is at football. Usually I find some Twinkl worksheets for us to do. You can either prepare sometime or just see how it goes. Boy1 and I made the Arsenal football stadium out of a cardboard box last time we had a crafting session.
  • Board games. Another popular suggestion especially if it’s raining. They get to pick the games, I do as I’m told lol. Here are some of my favourite board games.
  • Now my son was appalled at this suggestion but it’s one of my daughter’s favourite things. Painting your nails. There’s a definite gender divide in our house with this activity!
  • Homework. Not so fun but a necessity.

Go Outdoors Kid Date Suggestions

  • A walk to the park. Or anywhere in fact. I can’t guarantee they’ll hold your hand but a walk and a chat often brings up some school gossip they haven’t said before. Plus I find the time to listen properly without two others trying to attract my attention.
  • Is there something you both want to see? Go and see it. A museum, art gallery or shop. The local world’s your oyster.
  • The library. Always a good place for a bit of one on one time. Our local library has a lovely reading corner that is nice to spend time in.
  • Scavenger hunt. These are always popular with my 8 and 5 year old. I usually vary what we look for and even if we only go in the garden it’s great fun.
  • Sport. I’m not good at football or golf (their usual choices) but I give it a go. Or try these back garden games.

So there you have it!

I hope these ideas for Mum Dates give you a bit of inspiration for time with the kids. Solo dates with them are important just like my solo dates with the husband. I love the chaos and noise of three children but I also want them to feel they have my attention only sometimes. Let me know what you’ve done in the comments below. Toy Infinity has other suggestions like days out or activity ideas.


  1. Some lovely ideas. Adam is on call at least one Saturday a month so we get to have girls time then.

    1. Enjoy!

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