Blogtober Day 6 Flowers and Memories


I’m stuck on what to write I must admit. I’m no good with flowers. I kill everything and I mean literally everything. So if you’re after advice on what to do with flowers you are probably in the wrong place. Since I can’t think of much ┬áto stay about the subject I thought I’d just put up some photos I took of a (very rare) bunch of flowers I received.

Sunflower with proverb

Six months ago I gave birth to a gorgeous and much wanted little baby boy. Before that I suffered six miscarriages. After my second miscarriage I received those flowers. It was a missed miscarriage. This means that until the 12 week scan we thought everything was going fine. I can remember the sonographer pushing down very hard while scanning and thinking that it wasn’t right. We thought we’d be walking out of that room telling people the due date of our third child but instead we had to tell them it wasn’t to be.

What followed was the worst time of my life. Complications meant that I suffered a massive haemorrhage and went into shock from the amount of blood I lost. I’m still here because of the NHS. My friends sent me a beautiful bunch of flowers when I got home. Since I usually kill these things pretty quickly I took some photos. I didn’t get to see the flowers for long. I got taken back into hospital for a couple of weeks so the photos of them are all I have.

Baby Loss Awareness Month

Pink rose from a bunch of flowers

October is Baby Loss Awareness Month. Dealing with a miscarriage is physically and emotionally hard. I can’t give any good advice, I didn’t listen to my own; apart from your body will heal and time will pass. That doesn’t mean you forget, you just learn to live with it. The Miscarriage Association is very good at providing support and information for parents going through the loss of a baby. You’re not on your own.


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