Blogtober Day 5 A Little Education is What you Need


If you want to be a record breaker…. Okay so it was dedication but education sounds similar. Education is a tough one to write about. I could write about myself but I’m nine years out of work as a research scientist. Most of my education is now obselete. I mean, the skills are still there but my knowledge will be way behind. Let’s face it nobody else probably wants to read about the latest in molecular biology techniques anyway. I certainly don’t; my brain power couldn’t take it these days. Education for me is now all about passing on a desire to learn to my three children. School can be boring. Education can be extremely boring. I’m here to make it fun for them. Or at least to do some fun stuff with them.

I started a series of Fun Science blog posts. Started being the right word I haven’t published many and lots are still in draft format. Science and engineering are fairly easy to do with your children at home. You don’t need expensive equipment or chemicals. You can do it with everyday things. So here are some of my favourite Fun Science ideas for you to do.


  • Grow plants from seeds. What easier biology is there than that? A cress head or sunflower makes every child smile. It’s the start of teaching them about the life cycle.
  • One of my favourite experiments. It’s easy to visualise and only needs some celery and food colouring. Fun Science! Toy Infinity Does Colourful Celery
  • Biology scavenger hunt. What can you find? Is it Animal, Vegetable or Mineral? Use a tick sheet and crayon if they’re old enough to keep count.



  • There are some excellent Chemistry sets. We’re growing our own crystals at the moment. Be warned this takes a long time! They are getting impatient at the lack of progress lol.
  • Try making something simple like play dough. We recently made Starburst Playdough.
  • Skittles in warm water produces a great rainbow affect. Line them up in colour order and pour in the water and watch what happens.



  • Simple sink and float experiments in the bath. What happens to your sponge once it’s full of water? Take a bowl of water into the garden – what can you find and experiment with?
  • Lego! How high can you build a Lego structure? Is a tall, thin tower stronger than a fatter tower?
  • Learn about gravity. Do you have a ramp? Notice how the ball is stationary on the flat ground but what happens to it on the ramp? Of course it rolls! What happens to things when you let go? They fall to the floor. Try different objects (heavy, small, objects with holes). What differences do you see?


Did you enjoy science as a child? Or did you hate it and still avoid it? Give these science ideas a try and let me know if you enjoyed them. This is the one part of parenting I get the most enjoyment out of – doing science with them. I’ll let you know if they hate it at 12 lol. I look forward to the day they are teaching me things and I’m sure that’s not too far away.


  1. I loved science as a child and my girls do now….
    Ahh! You should publish the fun science posts you have in your drafts…It sounds like you have some great ideas x

    1. I will do eventually lol, it’s the photo editing I fall behind on…

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