Blogtober – Car Or Why I Love Formula One

Formula One!

Since I was a girl I have loved Formula One. It helps having two parents who used to watch it every Sunday it was on religiously and they still do. I don’t get to religiously watch it much anymore with three children under nine but I try and make the time for it. You know what it’s like though. Children walk past their Dad to ask you something that they could have asked them. “Mum can I have a snack?” that kind of thing. I’m getting distracted now.

So, Formula One? Why motor racing? I have to go back to the red days of Red Five the great Nigel Mansell. I wanted to be able to drive like him. It hasn’t worked out like that. I’m pretty slow, I don’t like corners much if you can’t see round them and I can’t stop between two lines. I think it is the glamour as well. It looks a pretty rock and roll lifestyle from the outside. Even if today’s Formula One champions are no longer as rock and roll as the likes of Ayrton Senna.

My team is Williams. When I first started supporting them in the Mansell era they were rather good. They’re still good but everyone else seems to be better. I love their driver line-up this year. If there is one thing that Williams do well it is finding new young talent and bringing them into Formula One. And who doesn’t love Felipe baby? Of course if you don’t follow Formula One you have no idea who Felipe baby is (Felipe Massa’s wikipedia)!

Williams Grand Prix Engineering race car

Okay so the picture isn’t Nigel Mansell’s car but it’s the best I could find on Pixabay that wasn’t a Ferrari! Anyway it’s one from the era of beautiful looking cars without all the weird and wonderful bits hanging off in the name of aerodynamics.

There’s No Overtaking!

Yes I’ve sat through my fair share of races and thought well I’ll never get that two hours of my life back. It is dull when someone leads from the front but you can never tell what might happen. Jenson Button passing Sebastian Vettel in the rain for victory in his 200th race. Lewis Hamilton nearly sending me into labour with his last gasp first world championship. Poor Felipe! Mark Webber bringing a Minardi home in Australia and in the points. A Minardi in the points. I don’t think that ever happened again. Right up to Sebastian Vettel starting last and finishing in fourth place in Malaysia at the weekend. Before he ruined his good day by crashing after the chequered flag.

As much as we criticise the  dullness now with Mercedes romping home to victory most of the time it has always been like that. Ferrari and Michael Schumacher, Williams in the eighties, McLaren with Hakkinnen. There is always one team who will dominate.

I don’t care who thinks it’s boring, I love it. When I’m retired and the kids have left home I am going to drag my husband around the world following the F1 circus for a season. You don’t know how much I’m looking forward to that pipe dream. Just don’t tell him my plan yet….

So that’s day three of #blogtober. If you’re still with me thanks for reading and search the hashtag on social media to find some other lovely bloggers.


  1. I love F1 too, I used to watch every race then I left Sky and so only watch those on terrestrial TV. I loved watching Nigel Mansell, and Johnny Herbert and the rest. William was my favourite team too. Now its Hamilton, he’s from my home town, he went to the same school as my husband (albeit many, many years later.) Monaco! One day I shall sit on one of the yachts and watch the race go by…now where’s that lottery ticket? #blogtober17

    1. Monaco would be awesome. Yes when F1 leave some terrestrial entirely there’ll be so many who no longer watch it. I hope it doesn’t happen, but I can see it coming.

  2. I also grew with two parents that always watched the formula one. I remember they often used to record it and then we would watch it after Sunday dinner.

    1. Sunday dinner and F1 it almost a tradition lol.

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