Blogtober! All About Me


This is my first ever Blogtober post. That’s right I’m a Blogtober virgin. Each day in October I’ll be publishing a post on a specific theme for that day. Today is all about me.

Who Am I?

I’m Rhi, a mum of three children aged 8, 5 and 6 months and I live in Cardiff with The Husband. Nothing too exciting to say about me but a little known fact I have met Roger Black and I can’t speak much Welsh.

Why Do I Blog?

Simply because I enjoy it. I feel if it earns me a few pennies along the way then happy days, but that isn’t my focus because I’ve always enjoyed writing. Many years ago I tried having a book published. It didn’t get published and if I read it back now I understand why. That’s not to say I won’t try again if I get the time to sit at the computer for hours at a time. There’s also the reason for writing about things that might prove to be helpful. I’m sure like me you’ve spent hours on google searching for the answers to life’s most important questions. If I pop up and someone reads it and likes it that will be pretty cool.

My Favourite Things

My family. It’s good to have people in your corner. I’m raising my kids to know that I’ll always be there in their corner fighting for them. There are exceptions – mostly criminal – but hopefully I won’t need to worry too much about that. You can never tell though – life has a lot of twists and turns.

My iPad. Couldn’t be without it, don’t know what I did before I got it! That’s a sad thing to admit isn’t it.

Fry’s Chocolate Cream. These remind me of my Mum. She loved a Chocolate Cream when I was growing up. I’ve inherited that love. One of my favourite treats ever. I wish they didn’t sell them in packs of three, I don’t have the willpower to stop at just one.

Swearing. I do have appalling language with the people I know well. Consider it a sign of affection if I swear in your presence….

Formula One. Not many people know this about me but I love motorsport, particularly Formula One. Well only Formula One these days and most race weekends I don’t get the time to sit down and enjoy that either. I’ve tried rally driving but one day I’d love to get behind the wheel of a high powered sports car and see what it’s like round a race track.

What Annoys Me?

Eye rolling. Actually eye rolling and huffing in equal measure. Boy1 and The Girl are getting too bloody good at both. I hate them the most because I find myself reverting to the phrases my own Mum used to come out with. Although I have managed to avoid ‘just wait until Dad gets home’ so far. I’m saving that one for the really bad offences lol.

Rain on the school run. I’d ban it if I could. Just wait ten minutes until I’m back home please. Especially if I can’t find The Girl’s umbrella; that always causes a lot of whinging.

Rugby. Hate the sport; and I married a rugby player. Hated it then, still hate it now. Give me football any day.

Golf clothing. Just why? Check Argyle jumpers with bright check trousers. Some of them I swear didn’t look in the mirror before leaving the house. What astounds me more is most of them paid a lot of money for those clothes; have you ever seen the price of them?

Facebook posts. Not all of them, just some of them. Share this photo and say Amen if you care. If you don’t share it, you don’t care. No, I do care that the child is obviously very ill but me commenting Amen to extend your reach by a few hundred will not help that child one little bit. No I’m not going to comment on the status of someone so they can see which of their friends reads and cares about it either. And for god’s sake stop putting up posts about being angry (or tamping if you’re in my neck of the woods) and then replying ‘I’ll inbox you hun’.


So, this is a little bit of me, not too much I wouldn’t want you to get too bored. Enjoy Blogtober people and if I get to the end without missing a post or two I will be amazed! If you’re on social media search #blogtober for posts by all the bloggers taking part.




  1. Welcome to #Blogtober17, i’m looking forward to finding out more. I am totally with you on golf, but I have to disagree on rugby, I adore rugby and detest football (husband also a rugby player) although i’m not as keen when its my turn to wash the kit!

  2. The Facebook posts one annoys me so much. Especially the whole cryptic “I’ll inbox you” Might as well just put talk to me, I’m craving attention as their status

    1. Craving attention is exactly it!

  3. Oh gosh yeah them say a prayer facebook posts annoy me too! So cruel and spammy, #blogtober2017

    1. Glad I’m not the only one!

  4. YES!! Just yes to the Facebook posts! And being added to stupid groups without being asked!! Gah!! Loved reading this! Great post! #Blogtober17

    1. Not had the group problem much. There’s a joy to look forward to lol.

  5. How wonderful to learn more about you…
    Aha! I am with you on the eye rolling. My girls are quite the experts. lol x

    1. Lol we can share the pain of that one then…

  6. I can’t speak any Welsh, it wasn’t on the curriculum at my school.The kids are pretty good though!I hate those Facebook posts too, ha x #blogtober17

    1. Glad it’s not just me! My daughter likes to play schools in both languages. She gets quite frustrated with me 😊

  7. Lovely getting to know more about you in this post. Never mind rain on the school run i hate it in general, the cold you can wrap up against but rain is just annoying. Looking forward to following you on your blogtober journey. Its also my first time joining in.

    1. Too right! Good to meet another Blogtober newbie.

  8. I took part in #Blogtober last year and loved it! Can’t wait to read more about you!

    1. Thanks! Thanks for the read -hope you enjoy more of my posts.

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