Blogtober 18: All About Me

All About Me

Blogtober actually suits me up quite well. Not completely though but it does bring out my personality a bit. I start with grand plans, that I will post everyday. But then the good intentions get lost in a flurry of last minute panic and the clutter of everything else I have to do.

Who am I? First and foremost I’m a family woman – husband and kids come first. Secondly I’m self employed. Thirdly I’m a seamstress.

Fourthly I’m a blogger. I love blogging. I love online work in general. However, I love it more because of all the voices with their slant, their stamp on subjects. Who hasn’t googled something and ended up reading a bloggers work? I love writing, but I also love reading them.

Blogtober isn’t all about me though there are some really good bloggers taking part. (And I don’t include myself in the really good bloggers description, I’m too sporadic for that lol).


So here are my recommendations for Blogtober bloggers to read…

The aptly named Tea and Cake for the Soul. A lovely blog covering a lot of interesting subjects from days out and travel to upcycling and recycling.

Kristine is a Mum blogger writing about parenting, beauty, fashion, travel and lifestyle. Visit Kristine’s Blog.

Stop by and read about Jayme and her three boys at The Mum Diaries.

Maria blogs at The Southerner Blogs. Her blog is full of beautiful images and landscapes.

For all things frugal living Hazel can help you with her review blog The Newhouse Family.

The whimsically named Kirsty Through the Looking Glass. A travel theme s blog covering a wide variety of subjects both home and abroad.

I love the name Early Retirement Rocks! Written by retired midwife Elaine and her views on life and retirement and everything in between.

Just try not to lose too much time down the Blogtober rabbit hole!