The Best Pumpkin Carving Websites for Halloween

Pumpkin Carving

Although we started off being creative and doing the usual scary face on our pumpkins, one year we stumbled across some really cool designs. This has started the annual Halloween pumpkin carving challenge where we find our favourite character of the moment as a template. These are my favourite websites that I always refer to. I’m not affiliated with any of them they just make me look much better at pumpkin carving than my own free hand creations! Can you recognise last year’s efforts? Inspector Gadget and Tinkerbell. Although Tinkerbell looks slightly evil…

Pumpkin carving designs with candle light

Pumpkin Lady

Over 700 carving templates for even the most amateur carver. Designs are easy to download for printing by clicking each link. Each pdf has some helpful hints on the best way to set out and carve your pattern. Most of them have a Halloween theme and there are some really sweet designs that toddlers will love.

Pumpkin Pile

Hundreds of designs can be downloaded as a pdf at Pumpkin Pile. Each design varies in difficulty, so choose one you think you will do justice to.

Disney features a lot of Disney themed templates but I love this Olaf pattern! Imagine that stood by your front door. Your house will be the envy of every Trick or Treater that has ever seen Frozen the film.

Star Wars

We have done the Storm Trooper from this site. It was fairly tricky. The cheek detail lines didn’t look like they should but hey. There are some other really good Jack O’Lantern designs here too. Are you brave enough to try Chewbacca? I don’t think I am!

Getting Started with Carving Your Pumpkin

We have an inexpensive child’s pumpkin carving kit: with a scoop and carving knife with a handle. It does the job for them and it’s safer than using a knife. An adult is usually needed to do the fine detail work. It is always worth Googling “free pumpkin templates” and have a look at the websites that come up. With all the websites you print out the template and trace it onto the pumpkin. We do this bit and use a sharp knife to score it onto the pumpkin. Children can see where to cut by copying over the line with marker pen or felt tip pen. Always use permanent marker with a left handed child we learnt that the hard way lol. Draw some shading lines on any large areas to be cut out and follow the instructions carefully. It is easy to make mistakes.

It is worth that little bit of extra effort because the results look brilliant once they are lit and on display. Have fun this Halloween and remember to stay safe with any naked flames.