Baking with Children Crafty Cooking Kits Turkey Cupcake Kit

Chocolate Cupcakes From Crafty Cooking Kits

My daughter loves baking and knowing this my In-Laws bought her a Thanksgiving Crafty Cooking Kits from their recent trip to the USA. You make 12 Turkey inspired chocolate cupcakes. From the moment she got it on the Thursday night until we started cooking on Saturday morning it was all she could talk about. So how did we get on with this chocolate cupcake kit?

Turkey Cupcakes From Crafty Cooking Kits

What We Did

The kit includes most of what you will need to bake the cupcakes. The kit is naturally and artificially flavoured, I’m guessing the artificial is in the sweet decorations. We love those candy corns!

  • Chocolate cupcake mix
  • Chocolate frosting mix
  • Candy eye
  • Candy corn
  • 12 aprons
  • Piping bag

The kit could have done with some cupcake liners as well in all honesty. Luckily I managed to find some green spotty ones left over from Christmas cupcakes in the back of a cupboard. The aprons are fab, they slot over the cupcake to provide the turkey detail. I do like the fact they include a piping bag because that isn’t something everyone keeps in their kitchen.

In addition to what is provided you will need..

  • Butter
  • Water
  • 2 eggs
  • Icing sugar
  • Milk

The instructions are easy to follow and with most of her baking my daughter managed to do it all herself. We don’t use an electric mixer so we end up mixing for a lot longer than these mixes state. She divided the mixture and there was enough for 12 3/4 filled cupcake liners. The frosting was as easy for her to do, although she did need help creaming the butter for that. Her arms weren’t strong enough! The only parts I did was everything to do with the oven and cutting the tip off the piping bag because she wasn’t brave enough to do it herself.

So What did we think?

The chocolate frosting is some of the nicest I have ever tasted. It is absolutely delicious. I almost fought her for the bowl to lick clean; but then I remembered the cook should get the spoils. The cakes are light and fluffy and they rose well as well. Like the frosting they are delicious. This is probably one of our favourite cupcake kits we have used, and trust me we have used a lot. The cakes are bigger and tastier than the offerings in our supermarkets. E managed to pipe the icing to cover the top of the cupcake and a round ball of icing for the head like the picture showed. It is good that the decoration is so simple that even a 5 year old can do it, and do a good job at it.

Turkey Cupcake With Chocolate Frosting And Candy Corn

I wish that we could get these cooking kits over here but I’ve searched Amazon and can’t find any by Crafty Cooking Kits or Brand Castle. So this is my plea! Please let’s have some Crafty Cooking Kits shipped for sale in the UK – you would definitely have two customers in this house.

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