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Outdoor games, giant garden games, back garden games. We all remember the days of playing in the sunshine in the garden. Or rain…. This is my guide for garden games online. I hope some of them bring back memories or that your children like playing these garden game suggestions. Have a wonderful summer!

Garden games

Tin Can Alley

This is a blast from the past for me. I loved this game and have many happy memories of running around the streets playing with my neighbours. You can play it in the garden. It helps to have hiding places! The idea is one person spots and the others hide. Those hiding need to make it out to the tin can without being seen and tagged. Don’t play it with just two it gets boring!

Treasure Hunt

You can’t beat a treasure hunt and I don’t mean writing very clever rhyming clues for your youngsters to follow. No, literally just hide stuff in the garden. Why make more work for yourself? I sometimes theme them: the same colour, Pirates, cars, Disney princesses you get the idea. This is one of the easiest garden games to tailor to your children’s likes and dislikes.

Paper Plane Throwing Contest

Each time I need to google how to fold a paper plane! I wish I was talking about the fancy style too, but no just a plain old paper plane. The good thing is your children can make and decorate their own plane first, making it a longer activity. You can find good paper plane templates from Fun Paper Planes. You will need Adobe to download the PDF files. Who throws the furthest wins. If you want to extend it even longer then it is who can do the most tricks too.


Three legged races, egg and spoon races, even sack races if you have some sacks hanging around. You can have your own special Olympic Games of races, with medals and a podium if you get really carried away. This doesn’t work so well with children with a larger age gap (like mine!). My youngest is always last and it always ends in tears and tantrums.

Target Shooting

Most of us have Nerf guns or something similar. Nerf guns and garden games are ideally suited. Balloons make great targets when they are tied up around the garden. I use two different colours, one for each of my competitive children. They are only allowed to shoot their colour. It stops the tears and tantrums when one shoots too many. A competitive spirit is fine in small doses lol.

An Art Contest

The only rule is everything they use has to be natural and found in the garden. They create a picture on the ground and have to guess what each other’s creations are. Cue lots of “that’s rubbish” comments from my eldest to his sister if he’s in that kind of mood.

So, these are some of my favourite go-to ideas for garden games when they can’t entertain themselves. Try them out, I hope you have fun, but please don’t blame me for sibling arguments lol…. For other garden ideas try my sand pit ideas.

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  1. Sounds like loads of fun games there Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  2. Outdoor chalk is another good one. We use ours to make mazes, stepping stones and hop skotch! We also like sack races! Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

  3. Ill have to tuck these away for those long (whiney) summer days with the kids.

    1. Thanks Kristin – hope they work. Sometimes nothing works on those days though lol.

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