How Alexa Does My School Run


She doesn’t actually do it. Would look a bit silly with an Amazon Echo Dot walking them to school and I’m not sure how successfully it could push the buggy. But, after years of being late and in a rush I had a lightbulb moment. Why not use Alexa? Since I’ve started setting timings on her it’s helped me and more importantly my two slow coaches to know when they should be getting dressed, brushing their teeth and turning off the bloody tv. So, here are my tips to make the most out of Alexa and how she can help you maintain some control in the mornings.

This is in no way a sponsored post, I was bought an Amazon Echo Dot for Christmas last year but the Amazon links within the post are affiliate links. If you purchase through Amazon using them I receive a small commission from Amazon (that costs you nothing).


Alexa’s alarm function is what I use most. You can set multiple alarm times! I have 4 alarms that go off. The first is at 8am for breakfast must be finished by then. The second at 8.15am; that one is for me to make sure the uniforms and lunches are finished and to tell them to get dressed. 8.30am is the stop what you are doing alarm, for me as well because I have to get Boy2 dressed in his coat and put into the buggy about now. The last one at 8.40am is brush your teeth, put your shoes on and fetch your bags. I don’t set an alarm to leave the house….


I set reminders on Alexa. I always schedule these for first thing so they are on my phone as I leave the house. My memory is terrible, I’m always forgetting to do things and to go to appointments so this is helping. Couple that with a second calendar on my phone for when I am out and about and it is supposed to be a foolproof system. Perfect for dress up days or days you need a packed lunch for school trips. Go to the Amazon Alexa app and select the reminder option and add in your reminder details. So far I haven’t linked Alexa up to my Apple i-Cloud. One step at a time hey. Eventually everything from Alexa will be sent to my phone.

Alexa To Do List

Like the calendar function you can announce jobs to Alexa or type them into the Alexa app. When you can’t remember what you are supposed to be doing instead of sitting down reading Mumsnet just ask her “what is on my to do list” and she tells you. Happy days! I have also found buy sweets added on by a certain child of mine before now.


I don’t like silence in the morning. I’m always pretty grumpy I need music to get me singing and give me the mental strength to deal with the arguing over Rice Crispies. alexa can control your Amazon music subscription or you can ask her to tune into your favourite radio stations.

If you have an Amazon Echo device try these four functions and see if they help to streamline your morning. There are loads of other useful functionalities but these are my school run go-to’s. I might even be able to trick people into thinking I have become organised. And yes, I’m still late some mornings.