Affiliate Information

Affiliate Link Information

I often use Toy Infinity to post links to toys and gift ideas that I think readers might like or be interested in. Some of these links are affiliate links. That means that you pay the price of the product from the retailer as you would expect. However the retailer pays me a small commission in return for publicising the product. You are not involved in any purchase with me; only the retailer.

Current Toy Infinity Affiliate Partnerships

All Amazon UK links are affiliate links.

Toy Infinity takes part in Toys R Us promotions, unless stated all Toys r Us links are affiliate links.

Non-affiliate Internet Links

Other links unless stated next to them, I am not affiliated with, and I’m posting them because I think they are of interest. I always make sure I use only internet websites that I am sure have good internet safety. This means that I only recommend from major retailers. However, I may post links to other blogs from time to time. I cannot be responsible for the safety of any links that they may have used.


If you do order through an affiliate link thank you very much, I really appreciate it.