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Rainy Day Worksheets

Making your own personalised worksheets doesn’t have to be hard work or leave you wanting to throw your computer out of your window. I discovered this website ages ago and it’s now my favourite place to make my own; or get the kids making their own worksheets and crossword puzzles. On a rainy afternoon when you’re trying to prize them away from the games consoles colouring just doesn’t cut it most of the time and board games take too much parental input. These worksheets they can do on their own. I have a pre-printed stash hidden where they can’t get wasted on sunny afternoons.

Word Searches

Using A to Z Teacher Stuff you can make your own word search puzzles using their online generator. It’s a really simple process, taking just a few clicks. Instead of a generic and often very boring themed word search your children can create one in a subject that interests them. Football and Shopkins are always popular subjects in this house!

Crossword Puzzles

I was most excited about this application! I had fun making an Arsenal themed crossword for Boy1. Couldn’t resist adding in a clue about their recent defeat to Swansea though. That one probably won’t be popular. As well as printing out the crossword puzzle you can also print out the answers. Perfect for those of us with dodgy memories. And because you are making up the puzzle you can tailor it to subjects they love and to their stage of learning.

Make Your Own Crossword Illustration

Word Shapes Worksheet

I wasn’t sure what this was for first of all but it is a really good activity sheet. The boxes are sized according to the size of the letters – which threw me for a split second and makes them look a little untidy. It does give a big clue to the kids though that a tall or long letter is needed. I made one based around football (can you get a theme going here!) To be honest the word searches and crossword puzzles are much more popular with my children, they did like these worksheets just not as much.

Handwriting Practice Worksheets

There was a mixed reception to these handwriting worksheets. My 9 year old moaned at doing them because they are babyish. My 5 year old loved them. Especially when she got to create her own. I must admit I wouldn’t routinely use these for my older two children, but when Boy2 is at the stage of learning to write I’m sure I’ll produce a few in characters he likes. My eldest is left handed and I do wish I’d found this website years ago. However, I’m not sure he would have used them even then, he hates handwriting.

How to Make Worksheets Illustration

Try these sheets yourself and visit the tools section at A to Z Teacher Stuff. Have fun! If you liked them then let me know by leaving a comment below. For more ideas on useful websites that I love, why not read my blogs about my favourite places to download children’s activity worksheets or Twinkl reading worksheets.

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