A Memory Jar – New Year’s Eve Tradition

I started this in 2014 after sitting with a glass of Prosecco with my husband and realising how much of the year we have forgotten. I wanted some way of keeping the small memories alive so that we could all remember them.


All you need is a clean jam jar or some other jar with a lid, some paper to write your memories on and a pen.

It is lovely to look back at the good things, but I did forget I also put the less wonderful things in the jar. Picking out the memory of saying goodbye to my lovely Gran did reduce me to tears. Picking out the ‘three is the magic number’ memory when I miscarried that much wanted little one, as the next memory, nearly finished me off.

I’m looking forward to reading this years memories. Both of my children have had big firsts – starting juniors and reception, new clubs, new sports, new achievements. I have started this blog and that features in there. As for the rest; thank goodness I wrote it all down – my memory is dreadful!

The Pramshed



  1. Love these!! I Started keeping these with my daughter a few years ago, at the end of each year we seal the memories in an envelope marked with the year and banish to the attic to be reread in many many years time

  2. I love memory jars, such a good mindful exercise. #fortheloveofBLOG

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