A lesson in Geography.

Not for me, although I could definitely do with one, but I’ve always said education comes from everything and You Tube is proving to be an excellent education. Not the videos but the analytics tool that you have access to when you have a channel. Now we don’t have many views at all, but that doesn’t matter, the principle is the same if you are Toy Infinity or Disney Collector.

My son can see the numbers going up slowly, and he looks at how many minutes people watch them for. Numbers equal Maths in my book. He is only just starting to learn time so it doesn’t mean that much to him. It is the Geography aspect that is proving the real fascination.

There is an audience tab. Here You Tube tells you what percentage of viewers are from which country. To keep it simple I changed the percentage it gives you, to just a number, so 50% of our audience is from the UK, so he understands it as 50 people in the UK. Viewers in the UK got a bit of a meh reaction from him to be honest. The viewers in the USA and Australia got him really excited, the viewers from the Phillipines had him jumping up and down. The boy didn’t even know where the Phillipines were at that point, but they weren’t the UK. A quick look in an atlas owned by his Geography teaching father, and that 10 minutes later, my friends is a small lesson in world Geography.

My dream is to build Toy Infinity into a big resource for present buying adults, a useful piece of Internet space. My son’s dream is to get 10 subscribers and keep making videos, especially videos of him playing the Wii U, and aim for world domination with a viewer from every country. His dream might take a while!

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