5 Elf Accessories To Blow the budget

Elf Accessories

I believe in cheap and cheerful with the Elf on the Shelf. He doesn’t have any cool outfits or amazing elf accessories to do these wonderful Pinterest set-ups. But wait a minute. If I had an unlimited budget for all things Elf what would I buy? Well this blog post is exactly that. My favourite Elf items that I will probably never buy.

Elf Accessories Elf On The Shelf

  1. Scout Elves at Play. With 15 Elf sized accessories this would be a great starting point to some non-tacky looking Elf set-ups. Although it doesn’t come with an elf there is a book that gives 100 Elf Ideas. That’s the hardest part of Elfing. Thinking of what to do next. Thank goodness for Pinterest!
  2. Elf Superhero outfit. I’d never be able to get him to pose like the packet picture; but how cool is this? Every kid would love this first thing in the morning. There could be all sorts of rescue and brave hero style scenarios. My set-ups with Elf battling Darth Vader would look much better if he was dressed in this!
  3. Elf Sweet Shop Set. When Edward the Elf plays with food in our house he doesn’t have any cool props. He’s just sat next to it. I’d love to get him looking like he has been making or eating it. Even teaspoons are too big really. Boy2’s weaning spoons are a better size, but the handles are too long.
  4. Scout Elf Letter to Santa Kit. This shrinks your letters to Elf size. Do I need to say anymore?
  5. Complete set. If you haven’t ever had an Elf but like the idea. This set gives you an Elf-sized bed and swing but it also includes an Elf.

Elf on the Shelf Letter to Santa Kit

Where for art thou Elf?

All the above accessories come in at under £20 (price correct December 2017). The Scout Elf himself retails for around £30 but you can get all kinds of cheaper options. Buy one that suits your budget. As well as Amazon, there are a lot for sale on Ebay.

On the high street The Works had some brilliant Elf accessories for only a couple of pounds. I did buy some Elf glitter dust and an Elf washing line from there this year. Do you need Elf ideas?

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