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My Favourite Time-Out Punishment: Holding Hands

Time-Out and Discipline

Children are meant to be annoying at times. I annoyed my parents. My brother annoyed my parents and I know my husband was his annoying to his. It is part and parcel of choosing to bring a small person into your family. I struggle to find suitable punishments that they listen to now they are getting older. My favourite time-out is “you two will hopld hands for five minutes”.

Why Holding Hands?

Generally a time-out is enforced for fighting with each other. You know the crescendo. From polite arguing, to shouting and crying and usually ending up with the sound of a punch or a kick on a bad day. I find myself talking through a constant stream of “she started it”, “it was him”……

My rule (that they don’t know about to avoid any tag team tactics lol) is if they can’t apologise and one take ownership: they hold hands. What better way to learn how to solve arguments than hold hands? They hate it. It is hysterical. Usually both of them cry and there are all sorts of muttered accusations to each other.

Does it Work?

Yes. It works for me because I usually find the appalled looks on their face s funny so my stress levels drop. It is the one warning that gets them to think about solving their argument. Holding hands involves both of them; not one child gloating over the other’s misfortune.

There will be a time that I can’t use this anymore and I will miss these days. I have many photos of sulky faces holding hands to reminisce when they are adults themselves. I’m just not sure how I’ll fill the holding hands void when it comes…..

For other suggestions see my blog post activities when the children are doing your head in.

What time-out punishments work for you? Any wacky ones that others might find useful? Share them below and you might help someone out! Or for more of my wicked ideas take a look at my activities when they are annoying me blog post.


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Eve 4 Eve Appeal Fundraiser in Cardiff

Eve 4 Eve Fundraiser

On Friday evening I was delighted to take part in the Eve 4 Eve Fundraiser on behalf of The Eve Appeal to raise funds and awareness for gynae cancers. It was organised by two lovely local ladies Elizabeth from Eliza Eliza and Bethan from Bethan Kate’s Tea Room in Pentyrch.

How many of you reading this have been guilty about delaying your smear test? I can raise my hand currently. I was supposed to get mine done when my son was three months old. It was originally due in July last year but I was pregnant so unable to have it. He is nearly six months already. I haven’t been….

The Eve Appeal provide support and information on the five gynaecological cancers. More than 21,000 women in the UK are diagnosed with gynaecological cancer each year. 21,000! That is 58 women every single day.

Play-doh Challenge of the reproductive system for the Eve Appeal

Who are the Eve Appeal?

The Eve Appeal are the only UK national charity of gynaecological cancer. As well as raising funds to support vital research into gynae cancer, the Eve Appeal are dedicated to education women (and men) in basic gynaecology and to encourage women to overcome their reservations at approaching health care workers. According to their research only half of women aged 16-35 could correctly label their vagina. September is actually gynaecological cancer awareness month so follow the hashtag #GynaeMonth on social media for posts.

Gynaecological Cancer

I didn’t realise until researching this post that there are five gynaecological cancers: womb, ovarian, cervical, vulval and vaginal. Even with a background in science I had only heard about ovarian and cervical cancer. Until last night I never knew vulval cancer even existed! Globally nearly 500,000 women die from a gynaecological cancer every year. That’s a huge figure. According to the World Cancer Research Fund (their website is here) cervical cancer causes nearly 8% of all cancers in women around the world. What shocked me most was that in 2012 the rate of stomach cancer and endometrial cancer was the same at 320,000 cases. I’ve never heard of endometrial cancer either and I’ve had a womb for 41 years!

Eve 4 Eve Fundraiser challenge photos for the Eve Appeal in Bethan Kate's Tea Room Cardiff

The Fundraiser at Bethan Kate’s Tea Room

Elizabeth hosted a tea party in aid of the Eve Appeal. I had a great night. Elizabeth had set five challenges to complete. I think everyone had great fun at the Play-Doh sculpting table. Indeed we took many photos of our creations! Seeing how many marbles I could get into a box one by one using a speculum is not something I thought I would ever do or write about! It is surprisingly tricky to use a speculum, I managed 20, not the lowest score but nowhere near the winning 29. If you like the sound of hosting a tea party yourself, you can get more information here.

Using a speculum to move marbles


Eliza Eliza UK

Keen to find out more about Eliza Eliza and The Eve Appeal?

For more information on all five gynae cancers and the work of the Eve Appeal, visit the Eve Appeal website. For more information on the bespoke, handmade hemp clutches from Eliza Eliza you can visit Elizabeth at Eliza Eliza UK.

Hemp clutch bag from Eliza Eliza with peach roses

The V Collection released on 1st September is designed exclusively to support the Eve Appeal and features a really cool inner print that you need to look twice at. Every clutch and purse sold donates money directly to the Eve Appeal.

4 clutches from the V Collection by Eliza Eliza raising money for the Eve Appeal

You can find Eliza Eliza on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

Lastly, I will be going for my smear soon, if you aren’t up-to-date, take a deep breath and book your appointment too. There are things I would rather do than spend ten minutes with a nurse and a speculum but not many things in those ten minutes could save my life like a smear could.

If you have any concerns or questions about your health, visit a Doctor. Let’s be honest it is embarrassing but they’ve seen (and heard) it all before. It’s much better than worrying about or ignoring something that could be treated.

I will be making sure I educate my daughter on the importance of regular smear tests (when she is a teenager). Maybe not just yet I don’t think I could deal with the questions lol.

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5 Life Lessons Learnt From PND


This morning a complete stranger stopped by me in a hospital cafe while I was waiting with my three children and breastfeeding my youngest. She had been sitting at a nearby table so initially I thought my children had been too loud/annoying. She stopped to tell me I was amazing for breastfeeding my youngest with two older children. I’ve recently been struggling. Struggling with Post Natal Depression (PND). That one comment meant more to me than that lady will ever know.

So what five things have I learnt from PND?

  1. Admit it. I knew I wasn’t right at 8 weeks post-partum but soldiered on. I just need more sleep. I just need to eat more fruit and veg. I just need to realise that no matter what I do it won’t alter a thing. I got help at 12 weeks when my life was five or ten minutes with a school run face on and hours feeling empty or crying.
  2. It has no reflection on your ability to parent. I’m still a bloody good Mum, and I still was I was just an ill good Mum.
  3. PND affected my let down. My youngest dropped two lines in his growth curve and his weight was gaining more slowly than before. Seven weeks later on anti-depressents and he’s gaining weight like a trooper again. And I can feel that stinging tingling feeling at let down again.
  4. If you need to hide away; do it. But sometimes forcing yourself to do something or go somewhere can be a positive thing. I hid for about five weeks before I felt strong enough to start re-gaining my own life. The first few times I would cry afterwards: in relief at having done it and despair at feeling like that.
  5. I’m not alone. And neither are you. If you walk past 6 mothers in the street, 1 will have PND. You can’t know which one. It might even be you.

If you think you have PND – reach out to someone. You might think they will make light of it or tell you to snap out of it, and yes they might. But they might also understand and push you to get help. Be kind to a Mum you don’t know at the play group or park. Your kind words might make their day or make them feel less lonely.

Nearly 9 years ago when wandering around our village just after moving here I took a wrong turn. I smiled at someone outside their house. It was a dead end. I had to walk back past the same lady on her doorstep feeling very stupid indeed. She said hello and some other comment I don’t remember now. That lady is now one of my closest friends and that moment has always stuck with me.

Life is Good Again

My husband, family and friends have got me through mine. I’m a bloody good Mum. I’m just a bloody good Mum on anti-depressants for another six months. If you pass me on the street I bet you wouldn’t guess.

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Groswaddle Easy Swaddling for Babies

Groswaddle: Swaddling for Beginners!

Swaddling with blankets is impossible for me. No sooner had I swaddled them and put them down a rebellious arm or leg would be thrust out. Repeat the whole process of swaddling a baby! While in Mothercare I saw the Groswaddle and decided that it would be worth a try. I love the fact it is such soft cotton jersey. Even after washing it kept it’s softness not going hard and crunchy like some fabrics can. And I have a really old unkind washing machine! It puts holes in nearly everything.

Baby in open groswaddle blanket Baby in groswaddle blanket with feet coveredOne arm swaddled and feet swaddled by groswaddle blanket

So, what does it look like? Remember the old batwing shirts of the eighties? The design shape kind of reminds me of those, with an extra piece down the bottom for the legs.

Full swaddle of a baby by groswaddle jersey blanket

But is really simple to do. Fold the piece up over the legs and fold the sides in over your baby. I ended up swaddling with arms out because he hated having his arms stuck inside. The shape lends itself to swaddling which a rectangular blanket doesn’t.

And voila! No cold baby and no startling themselves awake by throwing their arms open all the time. Thank you Groswaddle for what little sleep I had with my son because I didn’t spend most of my time trying to swaddle him for bed lol. After all newborns are often too light for a baby sleeping bag.

You can buy the Groswaddle from many retailers including Amazon UK where you can currently get a white two pack for under £15. This affiliate link will take you to Groswaddle on Amazon.

See what else I loved this time around with my third baby with my newborn wish list.

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Why I Love Quidco The Cash Back Website


I think it was Martin Lewis from Money Saving Expert in his money saving email that introduced me to Quidco. I have been a member now for 9 years and earned over £800 in cash back so far. It is simple and free to join, but premium membership only costs £5 per year. You can earn cash back on a wide range of shops and items. This isn’t a sponsored post I just really do love Quidco! There are other cashback websites so if you are interested in learning more, Google can help you.

Quidco cashback website showing their logo

My Favourite Cash Back Tips

  • There are various cashback offers for well over 4,000 retailers.
  • Insurance. We all get car and house insurance – there are loads of insurance companies offering a variety of cash back payments. You can find cheaper insurance and get cash back. It’s a win win right?
  • Holidays. I booked a holiday to Florida using Expedia and got cash back through Quidco.
  • It can take months for a cash back payment to track and be paid. Don’t rely on them to bill the actual bill for whatever you are purchasing!
  • At Christmas there are often extra offers from selected retailers.
  • Lately some retailers have been doing flash sales giving extra discounts or increased cash back rates.
  • If you order take-always online retailers like Domino’s, Just Eat and HungryHouse give cash back!
  • If you buy a lot online it can be a great way of getting a few pounds back on your shopping.
  • Cash back is paid to your bank account or PayPal account. Certain retailers will only pay cash back to Quidco accounts with a bank account attached.
  • Click snap: online and in-store offers. This involves uploading receipts and is only available on certain products. I keep forgetting about this!
  • Like filling out surveys? You can earn for every survey completed. Mind you, I have never filled out any so I can’t tell you how easy or worthwhile it is.

So, there are some of my top reasons I love Quidco. If you haven’t heard of it before then head to their website and find out more. Take advantage of one of the money back sites in the UK. Or if you are looking for an extra income maybe try selling on Ebay?

Brilliant blog posts on

Twin Mummy and Daddy
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10 Books Every Child Should Read

Top 10 Children’s Books Every Child Should Read

Don’t take my word for it. These choices are straight from the bookshelves of my two children. They are their 10 favourite kids story books. It is raining here in Cardiff and after playing planes for a bit, in search of something to do I challenged them to find five titles each that have enjoyed being read or enjoyed reading themselves. I had no input into their choices; in fact I stayed totally out of the way to make sure I didn’t influence it. Some of their choices surprised me – some didn’t because I’ve read them 100,000 times. Take a look at these book suggestions and see if there are any story books your children might enjoy. I have typed their words as they said them.

Stack of children's books with the pages facing outwards


Mr T.Infinity 8 Years Old

Bedtime Stories for Boys

“I like the book because it’s got lots of imaginative stories and things like that and it’s really fun to read. My favourite story in it is probably Out in the Dark because it is a really good story. Other books are good for the day, but this book is good for bedtime.”

The Midnight Gang by David Walliams

“I like this book because it’s a good book and I like the author David Walliams. My favourite bit was the bit where they were inside the refrigerator and there were footsteps and it turned out it was somebody to help them but they were all scared. It was funny. The worst bit is probably where the person who just joined the hospital with his injury because it sounded bad. I didn’t like the sound of it at all.”

Mater’s Tall Tales

“I have two reasons I like this book. 1) it is all the episodes of Cars like on the TV but in a book 2) it is three books in one, instead of a small book with just one story, you have to buy less books.”

Meet the Planes

“This is one of my favourites because in the plane you just hear them speaking but in this book you get some information about them which is very good. Another reason why I like it, it has Planes and Planes 2 in the same book as well.”

Planes The Story

“I like it because it is a long book. You can read it and remember what the film was like. It’s good for anyone because it has quite big words and not big paragraphs. My favourite bit is probably the bit at the end where Dusty wins the race.”

Ms T.Infinity 5 Years Old

Bedtime Stories for Girls

“On the front on the bottom corner of the book it says 7 dreamy tales to share. I like it because it’s got 7 stories, not just one story, like in the Mr Men books. My favourite story is Bonnie’s Bedtime but I like Penny’s Paddling Pool and Sarah’s Sleepover too.

Mr Bump by Roger Hargreaves

“I’ve got lots of reasons I like this. It’s funny, Mr Bump falls in the sea off a boat and he gets a bucket stuck on his foot and he always bonks the window with his ladder. When he was a bus conductor the bus went and Mr Bump couldn’t catch up with it at all. And Mr Bump wanted a job, so he went to the farmers and he was the farmer’s new apple picker and he shakes the tree and then puts his hand out and the apple drops on his hand.”

Fix It Duck by Jez Alborough

“I like this book because water drops into his tea and he drives to borrow a ladder and trips over. Sheep thinks he’s a bad guy and just as he reaches the part about fixing the leak, they heard a rattle and it’s the window. It’s sheep’s top window and the rain is coming in. He smashes the glass with a hammer so he drives to Goat’s house because it’s too wet. When his truck tyre bursts Fix It Duck cuts the ladder and hooks it together and they drive around. Then when it was a sharp corner it fell off and follow behind but it fell down the hill and was chasing the frog. Fix It Duck said he’ll fix it.”

Little Miss Princess by Roger Hargreaves

“She wants to do a job and it’s funny. She tries to help Mr Bump with his broken leg. All of the funny bits are when she put the sausages in the cupboard and the milk in the oven and she cooks a burnt dinner.”

There’s No Dragons in this Story by Lou Carter and Deborah Allwright

“I like this book because when the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk sneezes he knocks out the sun. All of them get bumped because it is dark. There are lots of fairy tale characters and the frog says give me a kiss.”

I almost expected five Mr Men books for my daughter because they tend to be her first choice at story time but only two appeared. I wasn’t expecting books about Disney’s Planes from my son, but the David Walliams book was no surprise. He is loving those books. I think it goes to show that you can never predict what they like or why. If I did my top 10 children’s books for them it would have been very different. Although Mr Bump would definitely have featured! The bedtime stories books came from Poundland and have some nice short stories for kids – they certainly love them. But if you’re looking for good value for money I often shop at Book People. They almost always have some really good batches of 10 themed books for small people. Happy reading folks.

For other stories for children suggestions try these blog posts:

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Insect Hotel in the Garden: Who Comes to Stay?

Insect hotel in the garden surrounded by grass and treesScience is Fun! Insect Hotel in the Garden

I bought this very sweet insect hotel in Morrisons, admittedly some weeks ago, ready for the summer holiday. It cost me the grand total of £3. £3! You couldn’t buy the wood to make it for that. My plan is a little science experiment and to encourage them outside for a bit. Now one child is very keen he loves mini beasts. My daughter is less so and needs some convincing how this can be fun.

So, we’ve chosen a nice flat piece of land in our garden. It is close to a large tree and by our bottom fence that backs onto a field. I think my daughter expected something to move in straight away because it’s “boring” and empty. I’ve decide the time frame of checking every week. Not too often to keep disturbing any potential occupants but long enough that hopefully we will observe some minibeasts living in our bug hotel.

I’ve created a spotting sheet for them. Enough space to record what they see and draw pictures. All good scientific observations need diagrams. We’ll have a blog update in a couple of weeks.

What skills will they use?

  • Observation – if they sit still long enough to chance seeing something.
  • Writing practice – put into words what you see.
  • Drawing – try and draw what you see. Add colour and in the case of my 8 year old try and label important parts of the diagram.
  • Problem solving – an important part of any scientific experiment. What can we do to encourage more insects and bugs?

If you like science and have enjoyed my post on the insect hotel, have a look at the other science blog posts: Colourful celeryBalloon science and Clementoni science and play.

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My Thoughts on the BumGenius Flip

BumGenius Flip

The BumGenius Flip was released around the time I had my daughter. I had one Flip nappy but didn’t invest in anymore because I had a big stash of reusable nappies already. Well nine years after I bought my original washable nappies most of the leg elastics have given up the ghost and I’m too lazy to replace the elastic in the legs. I’ve recently had my third child and not ready to use all disposable nappies.

Now the logistics of taking three children with me mean the less I carry, the better. Instead of relying on disposable nappies that are less bulky than reusables I have bought the BumGenius Flip. It is a two part system; essentially a waterproof wrap and absorbent inserts rather than an absorbent nappy. The idea is that at each nappy change you only change the BumGenius insert and give the outer wrap a quick wipe while re-using it with the next absorbent inner. This means that when you go out you are carrying less and transporting less dirty nappies home. Here’s my honest review of the BumGenius Flip and what I like and don’t like about this reusable nappy.

I have 4 wraps and 10 inserts. I use the stay-dry microfibre inner pads, they keep their bum really dry. Don’t get me wrong, no cloth nappy keeps them as dry as a disposable but these are a pretty close second. (Plus you aren’t throwing them straight in the bin after using them). You can also get Flip organic day inserts, organic night inserts and a smaller newborn insert made from microfibre. I haven’t tried them but you can also get disposable inner pads if you would rather dispose of the insert rather than carry a dirty one with you.

The BumGenius Flip you see below is on the small setting but the Flip does fit from 8-35lb so will fit your little one right up until potty training.

BumGenius Flip

BumGenius Flip Positives

  • Excellent stay-dry absorbent inners. They absorb a lot of urine and the stay-dry top is really soft next to your baby’s bum.
  • I love the waterproof wrap. It gives excellent protection against leaks. I have both the aplix (posh velcro) and popper versions. I use the wrap with other nappies as well and it’s wide enough in the crotch to cover bulkier nappies like the Little Lamb and Tots Bots as well. I think BumGenius has discontinued the aplix version.
  • It’s a one-size system so is suitable from birth to potty training. I have long skinny babies; I find the aplix version gives me a better fit.
  • Gorgeous colour range. That’s important! But I found plain white BumGenius Flip wraps for sale for £5 each recently so most of mine are now white lol.
  • You can boost with other pads and still keep a slimmer shape than other more bulky nappy makes. I use the newborn insert that came with my BumGenius pocket nappies and also the bamboo booster from my Little Lamb nappies.
  • It is so simple that everyone can do it without feeling bamboozled.
  • They are fast drying: and unlike the BumGenius pocket nappies there is no stuffing of inserts back into the outer nappy shells after they are dry.

Reusable nappies

BumGenius Flip Negatives

  • Runny breastfed poo. Most poo changes go onto the wrap, meaning you need to carry an extra one with you.
  • As your baby gets older you might not be able to boost it enough to stop leakage from wicking.

I do love my BumGenius Flip nappies. The fit is excellent and I haven’t had many nappies leak onto the clothing, which saves on washing. If you have enough inserts you can minimise the amount of nappy washing you do. They are available from many retailers. BumGenius tend to control their pricing quite strictly so you won’t find them on sale very often. One online retailer I love is Babi Pur. I’ve always had really fast delivery and I like supporting them because they are a Welsh retailer. I have reviewed other cloth nappies and you can find my blog posts here.

Washable nappies

Eliza Eliza UK

The nappy clutch you see in the photos is a handmade organic hemp clutch from Eliza Eliza. You can get your own from They are wonderful for making it easy to find your clean nappies in a bigger nappy bag! And as you can see they fit a couple of inserts and a clean wrap in them. But please don’t use such a beautiful clutch for dirty ones!!

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Lego Photo Challenge an Easy Holiday Activity

Lego Photo Challenge

In an attempt to get out in the sunshine and explore our local area I set my oldest children the Lego Photo Challenge. It is a simple idea. Take any Lego man or woman or superhero outside and take a photo of them anywhere you wish. They can use any camera. I often give them my phone to take photos with. It has a good Otterbox cover lol.

This is what they came up with.

Lego Photo Challenge

Why I like the Lego Photo Challenge

It’s really creative. By encouraging them to use the surrounding environment and any props they might find they are using their imagination.

My children get bored. They especially get bored if they are walking somewhere that doesn’t interest them. This helps keep their attention and reduce the amount of moaning, whining and tantrums. Well from them, I can’t promise the same from me…

You don’t need to know the area you are in. If you’re doing the tourist thing think of the unique holiday photos you could end up with. How many times can your Lego character photo bomb?

If it’s raining it is a good indoors activity too. Get them colouring a backdrop or building a set out of Lego. Think Elf on the Shelf but with Lego characters and photos.

Have a go on your next holiday.

If you need more ideas then the I’m Bored JarChallenge Ideas and Back Garden Games blog posts might be useful.

 Tactical Tuesday at Joanna Victoria

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What Would I Buy a New Parent? My Newborn Wish List

My Newborn Wish List

With your first baby you buy whatever you think will be useful. By the time you’re on your third like me, you give away some of it (that I never used) and stick to the products that you find most useful. This is my newborn wish list of those products that I couldn’t live without in the early couple of months. It is very much trial and error and you won’t know what works for you probably until you are on your next child and get everything you didn’t really use back out of storage.


This is wonderful stuff. If you are going to buy anything to complement breast feeding, make sure it is this. You don’t need to use much, a tiny amount after each feed, and there’s no need to try and remember to wash it off before the next feed. It works by moist healing and prevents painful cracking because of poor latching. I tend to use one tube in the early few weeks because I go totally overboard with how much I use, I now have a pretty full second tube that will last me for at least 12 months. Lansinoh is also useful on dry skin on the rest of the family and I find it soothing on my eyes when the itchy hay fever skin starts in early summer.

Lansinoh, newborn, baby

A Changing Unit

I can’t say enough how much I have used our changing unit. It was bought in 2008 when I had my eldest and even though it has recently retired out of use with my youngest for nappy changing, it is still storing all the nappies and stuff in my living room. They do have a lifespan, once baby is rolling they became a liability or you need to grow another pair of hands. After birth, not having to bend on the floor and change their nappies is a life saver; especially if you have a caesarian section scar. (If you have had or are having a c-section read my post on c-section recovery). I will be sad when I finally find a new owner for our unit, it’s been a constant companion in the baby days. I also bought an over-cot changing unit for use upstairs that slotted over the cot sides. Again, it stopped any bending over when changing night nappies plus I didn’t have to walk downstairs to use the changing unit.

Dove Baby Wash

I really like this baby wash it leaves my youngest with really soft skin after his bath. The pump action lid is easy to use one handed – you get lots of soft foamy bubbles from one squirt. I couple it with a massage of baby oil afterwards and he’s delightfully soft.

Dove baby wash, newborn

Bouncy chair

If you are on a budget and debating between a moses basket and bouncy chair I would go for the latter. A moses basket lasts such a short amount of time – they will have outgrown it after a few months. Most of them have handles that fall inwards meaning sleep time turns into playtime. A bouncy chair can be used from birth with a newborn head hugger and isn’t out-grown for much longer. Ours used to have an attachment with some dangling toys but I can no longer find that and to be honest with two older children I think it would prove to be a liability around them. Look for a bouncy chair with easily washable covers; there will always be a leaking nappy or projectile vomit at some point.

Nursing chair

I know a lot of people will say it is necessary but I loved my nursing chair. Well, I call it a nursing chair. I bought a Poang chair from Ikea and because it sat in the bedroom it got called the nursing chair. A proper nursing chair can be hundreds but at about £50 it is good value for money. You need a couple of cushions behind your back in the early days to support your posture. The arm rests are a good height for supporting your arm under the weight of the baby. After a while you might switch to breastfeeding lying down and then the chair becomes “the laundry chair” like it is in my bedroom now.

A feeding pillow.

However you choose to feed your baby; whether breast or bottle a feeding pillow can help you be more comfortable in the days after birth. I bought a v-shaped body pillow while pregnant that would double as a breast feeding pillow after birth. To be honest after a while you learn how to support a baby to protect your birth scars (wherever they may be!) without it. But for the first 3 or 4 weeks I couldn’t do without mine. A lot of them come without washable covers; I find two pillowcases work just as well on the v-shaped pillow.


They grow so quickly. A few newborn outfits and the rest 0-3 months have always done me, but I don’t have huge babies! Personally I like baby vests and sleep suits in the early weeks. They are comfortable and you can get some really cute ones. Next and Marks and Spencer’s are good because they are cut a little more generously in leg length. I can guarantee you though you will spend half the time poppering up legs to find an extra one at the end.


I am crap at swaddling with blankets. In no time their arms and legs are out, they are cold and crying. Again. Like the pull down a pooey vest over the body, not the head I discovered these swaddle wraps on my third baby. They are shaped so it is easy to swaddle, with enough length to get a good wrap around the limbs. I LOVED this.


So that is my newborn wish list! Let’s hope my favourite products give you some ideas for your own newborn baby. Only the experience of caring for a newborn baby will give you the experience of what works for you. Ultimately you will realise, like the rest of us that go onto have multiple children that half the time you just muddle along. Happy parenting.