20 Arts and Crafts Stocking Filler Ideas for Under £5

Arts and Crafts Stocking Fillers

I always think a stocking should be for small gifts and surprises; save the big presents for under the tree. I have put together my 20 favourite arts and crafts stocking fillers available at Amazon UK. This blog post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through my link I earn a small commission, which in turn I will probably end up spending on stocking fillers!




Christmas stockings hanging by the fire

  1. Stickers. Obvious but cheap and cheerful and you can buy them anywhere. Pound shops are brilliant for these.
  2. Bendaroos. Keep an eye out for discounted Bendaroo kits. They’re mess free and are useful travel kits. The small kits can be picked up for just a few pounds like this 3D pet kit.
  3. Tissue paper. Pound shops are great for this.
  4. Craft foam. It’s a little bit different to just using paper and card.
  5. Paint. For mess minimal painting break the £5 with water soluble paint! I have blogged about my love for the Crayola washable paints before!
  6. Buttons. For older children only. Haberdasheries tend to be the cheapest places for buttons but craft shops and pound shops also stock them.
  7. Fuzzy felt. Or cheat and buy a square of felt and get them to make their own shapes.
  8. I’ll call them interesting pens! You know the sets with a special white pen to change the colour of your writing.
  9. Paint your own gift sets. Pound shops often have branded versions for less than £5. We liked this Paw Patrol set last year.
  10. Stensils.
  11. Decoupage papers or pretty papers to use for decoupaging anything they can get their hands on.
  12. Googly eyes. You can never own too many googly eyes!
  13. Coloured card.
  14. Cartoon adhesive tape.
  15. MDF shapes to create special gifts but they are also great for creating present gift tags.
  16. Scrapbooking and card making embellishments. These don’t have to be expensive (although some of them are) keep your eye out for sale stock at certain times of the year and keep them to one side for the next occasion. January is particularly a good time for the Christmas stuff for next year.
  17. PVA glue. Don’t bother with Modge Podge or posh stuff. PVA glue or watered down PVA and you’re good to go.
  18. Fabric squares. Either buy them or make your own from old clothes or fabric you already own.
  19. Beads and sequins. Again, older children only!
  20. Exercise books. My children love creating in books rather than sheets of paper. Go boring with school-type books or jazzy ones from Paperchase.
One final thing..

Notice there is absolutely no glitter! There’s a good reason for that….

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