Benefits of Playing Lego – New Games With Lego

Benefits of Playing Lego – New Games With Lego

Lego isn’t all about the latest themed sets and newest releases. It’s actually a great source of learning. Here are a few of my favourite games with Lego that I have played with my two children.

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One of the first things we try and teach our children to do is count. Lego gives lots of counting opportunities, sorting games and ways to learn shapes.

Can you count the number of blocks?
Can you count the number of spots on the blocks?
How many blocks does it take to build a car/dog/house?
How many shapes can you build? Build them in 2D and 3D!
Can you sort the shapes into size/type/colour?
What shape blocks are in your set?
Water play – does it sink? How many pieces does it take to sink? Can you build a raft or boat that floats?


How can Lego help develop English skills? It is a building toy after all.

Can you build an ‘a’ shape (or any other letter). If they’re younger then you build the letter and they guess what it is.
Write on them! Write letters on the sides of the blocks and get them to build words.
Or write words on the sides of each block and get them to build sentences.
Use Lego minifigures to make up your own Lego story. If they’re old enough they can write it down, if younger then get them acting it out with the minifigures.


Lego is an inherently creative toy. I’ve blogged about our Lego challenge before here but it is worth trying to build objects without using instructions.

Choose some of the more unusual pieces and get them to build a piece of “modern art”. If they are struggling Google some art pieces or go to your local museum or gallery for ideas.
Can you build something entirely out of one colour of blocks?
Build your bedroom out of Lego. Can you make a cupboard with working doors?
Get your favourite story and build some Lego illustrations and characters to go with it.
Creative problem solving! My son used to love solving Thomas the Tank Engine problems. For example, Thomas needs a new shed can you build him one? Thomas has lost his trucks to shunt coal, can you build him a red truck?

Often people say that once a set is built there is nothing else to do with it but that is so not true. Use the ideas above with a set sat on your shelf. Was it fun? Did it inspire your child to play with it again? You have as much imagination as me? What games can you think of?

My only point of note! Don’t let them get carried away and mix up the sets. Trust me as a parent, it isn’t as much fun working out which pieces went with which set. I love the Creative boxes for these activities because they have a variety of piece styles in them.

I hope you enjoy these games with Lego ideas.

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  1. We love Lego. I used Lego to make ‘bank account’s for my girls and they spent their ‘lego money’ by paying on cards, then watched as the money disappeared from their bank accounts. When they ran out, they did jobs to earn more. It was lots of fun! Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

  2. Lego is so educational no doubt great post Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  3. I love Lego and they use it a lot at school as well. My boys get hours of fun and his SALT uses it to help develop his language and understanding #thatfridaylinky

  4. Love the educational ideas for maths and English 🙂 #thatfridaylinky

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